Josh Spero is a commissioning editor at the Financial Times in the Special Reports department (as of 4 January 2016), having been editor of Spear’s magazine from 2010-15 and Tatler‘s art critic since 2012. He is also the author of Second-Hand Stories (Unbound, 2015), a book about his second-hand Classics books and the people who owned them before him.

Before the FT, he was at Spear’s and The Independent and has written for publications including The Guardian, The Times, the Sunday Times, The Economist and the New Statesman.

He was a co-founder of theartsdesk.com, Britain’s first critic-run arts review website.

He has appeared on BBC Radio 4, the BBC World Service, CNBC, LBC 97.3 and radio and TV stations around the world to talk about everything from finance to art.

Twitter: @joshspero.


One thought on “About

  1. Very quickly. Jane bought me a spot in Second Hand Stories. Gosh. Harrow upbringing so Middx connection there, told a tale, Edgware boy. And Highgate: my flat in Bishopswood Road overlooked the playing fields. In 1980 I was offered it to buy for £32,000 … just couldn’t find it, me miserum. Latin: I was taught such a wonderful language so poorly but I still have my primer and a surname that may be declined. Lovely writing and I so enjoyed your story, and therefore their stories. All those name in the back … don’t they have stories to tell too…? Now there’s an idea for an Unbound book. Thank you. A real and accidental pleasure to read. Oh and Uni Challenge, the only programme I still will not miss. When it first appeared I was amazed by older men with so much knowledge; now I’m amazed by younger men with so much knowledge. Vale, David

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