Josh Spero on Helly Nahmad’s booth at Frieze Masters

I had the real pleasure and honour of writing for Hyperallergic, the American Contemporary art blog, during Frieze Week about a rather elaborate booth at Frieze Masters.

LONDON — While one Helly Nahmad sits in a bare concrete prison cell in upstate New York, another Helly Nahmad strides around his lavish Frieze Masters booth in London’s chi-chi Regent’s Park. I don’t know how captivity is suiting the former, but freedom isn’t doing that much for the latter.

For his turn at the London fair, the free Nahmad has imagined the apartment of a collector in Paris in 1968. (A collector who just happened to own Nahmad’s current stock.) His booth, right at the front, has been fitted out with partition walls, a television running black and white, Scandinavian furniture, and contemporary posters. Sir Norman Rosenthal, late of the Royal Academy, has written an accompanying biography of our collector, “Corrado N.” (Like Kafka’s Josef K., a similar victim of higher powers, he lacks a surname.)

You can read the rest here.


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