Second-Hand Stories in the media (updated)

I’ve been very lucky lately: a lot of people have taken an interest in my book, which is thrilling: the more attention it gets, the sooner it will be published. I thought I’d put some links up here to some of the coverage:

Today programme (Radio 4): ‘Is technology killing old loved books?’ (back-up link)

Sunday Times (£): ‘Seven-year quest of an armchair Odysseus’

New Statesman: ‘How I uncovered remarkable lives through my second-hand books’

Broadside blog

Broadcasting House (Radio 4): One of the people who features in my book, Emilie Vleminckx, and I were interviewed together

Newshour (BBC World Service)

Jewish Chronicle: ‘From fighting Nazis to a doomed love affair, there is nothing more evocative than a second-hand story’

History Today: ‘Their back pages: Second-hand books don’t just tell the stories of their authors but of their former owners, too’


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